Vi danser

Hold A og B danse 2018/ 2019.

                    Dans              Steps/video
I love a rainy night                Tryk her
Top of the world                Tryk her
Texas time                Tryk her
Sweet Maria                Tryk her
Hurry up – Slow down                Tryk her
Cut a rug                Tryk her
Ingen kan love dig i morgen                Tryk her
Why did i have to be me ( Årsdans)                Tryk her
I close my eyes                  (Årsdans)                Tryk her
Shakin mix                Tryk her
Drink a little beer                Tryk Her
Quin of my heart                Tryk Her
Love flow                Tryk Her
Gypsy Queen                Tryk Her
Get it right                Tryk Her
Come along and ride with me                Tryk Her
Special Delivery                Tryk Her
Tank you                Tryk Her
Live, Laugh, Love                Tryk Her
Mamas Pearl                Tryk Her
The Lucky ones                Tryk Her
Waltz Across Texas                Tryk Her
You got me                Tryk Her
The Black Pearl                Tryk Her

Hold C danse.

Big blue tree                Tryk her
Love flow                           (Årsdans)                Tryk her
Man on the rocks                Tryk her
Tara`s  dance                Tryk her
The lucky ones                Tryk her
Why did i have to be me   (Årsdans)                Tryk her
I close my eyes                    (Årsdans)                Tryk her
One hundred                       (Årsdans)                Tryk her
Love takes time                Tryk her 
Whole again                Tryk her
Gypsy queen                Tryk Her
Forever for evigt                Tryk Her
Heart of an angel                Tryk Her
Texas Time
               Tryk Her
 Caribbean Pearl                Tryk Her
 Pot of gold                Tryk Her